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RK G5 Massager - RK G5 Massage Device

RK G5 Massager

G5 massage is applied with the help of a special device that is a rhythmic massage device.

The device, which provides slimming through rapid vibrations, is very effective for cellulite care. G5 also helps to remove lactic acid and edema that accumulate in the muscles. Although the G5 massage varies according to body characteristics, it consists of 10 - 15 sessions lasting 20-25 minutes. G5 massage, which can be applied to every part of the body, is a procedure that can be applied to the whole body. However, the areas of the upper leg, hip, butt and arm with the most effective results are more preferred. G5 massage has a supportive feature for cold lipolysis and lymph drainage applications.

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RK G5 Massage Device