Hydra Bubbles Device 9 + 1 Head - Skin Care Devices

Hydra Bubbles Device 9 + 1

Hydra Bubbles Device 9 + 1 Head

The miraculous Hydra Bubbles device known as Hollywood skin care; Full professional maintenance without touching hands. With the device models suitable for every budget Mersal A.Ş provides you valuable customers the opportunity to do more business with less cost. These devices are suitable for every skin structure; Since 2015, it has become a favorite of most clinics, hospitals and beauty salons.

* Hydra Bubbles Header
* Lymphatic Dranage Heads
* High Frequency Headers
* Ultrasonic (Eye) Head
* Ultrasonic (Face) Header
* Scrubber Title
* Oxygen Spray Head
* Lifting Head
* Diomond Peeling
* Pdt Led Light Therapy

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Hydra Bubbles Device 9 + 1